Environmental and Sustainability Policy,
European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019

The European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019 (ECG), a project managed by Göteborg & Co in partnership with Interkultur and Körcentrum Väst/Kultur i Väst with the support of Region Västra Götaland, will be held on 3–10 August 2019 in Gothenburg. Choir singing is one of the most popular amateur activities in Sweden and Europe, and a primary aim of the event is to bring together 5,000 international choral singers for cross-border cultural exchange.

Göteborg & Co sets high ambitions for sustainability – socially, environmentally and economically. The ECG should strengthen Gothenburg’s position as northern Europe’s leading city for sustainable events. We strive to minimise any negative impact from events on people and the environment, to make a positive contribution to society, stakeholders and the local economy, and to create lasting positive effects locally and regionally.

Our overarching goals in each sustainability area:

Social sustainability

  • Building bridges between people at a local, regional and national level.
  • Creating an event that is welcoming and accessible to everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity, functional ability, sexual orientation, sexual identity and/or sexual identity expression, religion or age.
  • Disseminating the message of the positive health effects of choir singing.
  • Encouraging more people to discover choir singing.

Ecological sustainability

  • Spreading information about measures to reduce the environmental impact of our events, thereby setting a good example and inspiring all our partners to increase their sustainability efforts.
  • Responsible resource management in all areas.

Transportation, food and waste are our three foremost environmental aspects for this event.

Economic sustainability

  • Contribute to the positive development of local economy.
  • Generate increased interest in Gothenburg and the local region as a visitor destination.
  • Implement the ECG as an economically balanced event.

In addition to the points mentioned above, we should follow the laws and regulations applicable to our business.

The event is environmentally certified according to the Swedish Environmental Base Event Standard. See our diploma here.