We proudly present the partners to European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019:

“Länsförsäkringar Göteborg and Bohuslän is proud to be a partner to European Choir Games Gothenburg and support something that engages a large amount of people in our region. 

We think that it’s extra fun to get the opportuninty to show the connection between choral singing and health by being the host for one of the events during The International Science Festival Gothenburg along with Choir Centre West. There are studies showing that choral singing enhances language development, the feeling of connection and reduces the stress level. We want to see if we can help to influence children and youths in a positive way, starting with the International Scince Festival in Gothenburg.” 


“For over 100 years, BMW have been working with the key word “joyful driving”, so what’s more natural than being one of the partners to European Choir Games Gothenburg? During this festival BMW will be showing their latest models and cars made of bamboo, plastic bottles and carbon fiber. It feels extra suiting to work with an event that works a lot with sustainability.

BMW proudly represent the key words sustainability and joy. These elements can be seen in European Choir Games Gothenburg, says Jonas Carlsson Dahlman, sales manager at Bilia Group.”

The event takes place 3-10 August 2019. Strengthen your brand, your communication, your business and your relationship with the most important resources you’ve got – all the people in and around the organization.

You are welcome to contact Claes Berglund for more information about the event and different opportunities for partnership.

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Gothenburg & Co
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