We have gathered some of the most asked questions to make it easier for you as a visitor at European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019. If you cannot find your question below, feel free to contact us on our Facebook page.



Do I need tickets for European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019?

All competitions and most performances are free for visitors, but some of the larger concerts require tickets. See the full programme here.

Where do I buy tickets for the concerts?

Buy your tickets for the inaguration- and/ or final concert here.
Buy your tickets for Sweden A Cappella here.


What is European Choir Games?

European Choir Games is one of Europe’s largest choir festivals. Read more about European Choir Games Gothenburg here.

When is European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019?

European Choir Games Gothenburg is arranged August 3-10 along with Gothenburg Culture Festival August 6-11.

Where can I see the full programme?

Click here to see the full programme. 

What about the competitions?

Read more about the competitions on www.europeanchoirgamescom

See the competition program (multimedia pdf)

What about competition results?

The results of the European Choir Games and Grand Prix of Nations 2019 will be announced after the award ceremonies in the evening on Aug 6 and in the afternoon on Aug 10. Have a look at  our Facebook page.

Are there any age restrictions for this event?

No, we welcome people of all ages to European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019.

How does European Choir Games work with CSR?

Read more about our CSR here.

I am interested in working during the event, what do I do?

We are looking for volunteers to European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019. Read more and apply now!



How do I get to the various venues?

We encourage our visitors to use public transport during the event. Please see the programme for each event and use Västtrafiks travel planner to find out how to get to each location. Since most of the programme is located in central Gothenburg, the bike service Styr & Ställ is also a great choice.

Who do I contact if I have feedback regarding the event?

Click here to get in touch with the project management of European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019.



I have questions about Gothenburg, whre do I turn?

Read more about Gothenburg here or contact the Tourist centre.

I want to know more about Gothenburg Culture Festival!

Read more about Gothenburg Culture Festival here.

If you have further questions, please contact us on Facebook.