Sing with your heart – Poetic metaphor or physically measurable?

Sing with your heart – Poetic metaphor or physically measurable?

In 2013, a research team from the University hospital of Sahlgrenska, Gothenburg released an internationally renowned study in Choir singing and Heart rate synchronisation. Rickard Åström, part of the team, shares his experience in exploring how our hearts and nerve systems respond to music, and gives us examples of the expanding field of research in singing and wellbeing. He illustrates with live music from the piano.

Educated at the Music Conservatory in Gothenburg Sweden, musician and composer Rickard Åström  is a reoccuring Musical Director at the Gothenburg Opera, twice Grammy awarded with Groupa. Since 2010, Åström has been involved in research in emotional and physiological reactions to music.  Rickard has lectured at the Royal college of Music, London, the University of Missouri, Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Choir and Music festivals, Ted talks, and in NSW, Australia.

(The workshop is held in English. Admission free, limited amount of participants)


Monday 05 August
10:00 -11:30


Artisten, Fågelsången, Göteborg, Sverige
  • Artisten, Fågelsången, Göteborg, Sverige