European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019 is organised by Göteborg & Co in collaboration with Interkultur and Choir Centre West/Kultur i Väst with support from the Region Västra Götaland.

Göteborg & Co

The mission of Göteborg & Co is to get more people to discover and choose Gothenburg. Göteborg & Co does this through wide-reaching collaboration, by leading and promoting the development of Gothenburg as a sustainable destination, so that everyone who lives and works here benefits from a growing hospitality industry. Read more about Göteborg & Co.


Interkultur is the world leading organisation for international choir competitions and festivals. Every year they organise up to 14 international choir competitions and festivals around the world. The organization of Interkultur is born by the idea of bringing together people of all countries, cultures and world views in peaceful competitions. Below is a video by Interkultur where you can see how the organisation operates. Read more about Interkultur.

Choir Centre West

Choir Centre West is there for choral conductors, singers, composers, and organisations. Their aim is to strengthen and develop the choir scene regionally. They do this by offering courses, initiating events and spreading choir research. Read more about Choir Centre West och Kultur i Väst.

Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland’s task is to offer good healthcare and dental care and to provide the prerequisites for good public health, a rich cultural life, a good environment, jobs, research, education and good communications. All together, this all provide a foundation for sustainable growth in Västra Götaland. Read more about Region Västra Götaland.


Read more about the project management for European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019.

European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019 is the fourth edition in line. Previous hosts have been Austria, Germany and Latvia.

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Along with European Choir Games, Gothenburg Culture Festival takes over the city during Aug 6-11.

Make sure to be a part of one of Scandinavia’s biggest culture festivals with over 1 million visits every year! Discover a program that consists of over 1 000 things to do, see and listen to. From opera, art, music, carnival, theatre, literature and films – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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