What is European Choir Games?

European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019

European Choir Games is one of Europe’s largest choir festivals, an exciting championship and a musical celebration. During a beautiful Swedish summer week, 5000 singers from all over the world will meet in Gothenburg – some to compete, some just to sing together.

Choristers of all ages will meet and take part in the championships that will crown Europe’s best choirs in many different categories and genres. Also, choirs from countries such as China, USA, Canada, Ghana, Botswana and Indonesia will compete in the Grand Prix of Nations.

Concerts will be held in Partille Arena, in churches and around the city during Gothenburg Culture Festival that will be arranged simultaneously and guarantee a festive atmosphere.

For spectators, there will be both free concerts and paid events. The choirs can choose to compete or to take part just for fun.


Below are some of the events during European Choir Games Gothenburg 2019 presented. For full programme, click here.

Inauguration concert with European Choir

August 3. 10 of Europe’s best amateur choirs will try to impress a panel of international choral music stars by performing an unaccompanied selection of music in a variety of styles.

Blending spectacular staging and a live stadium ambience with eclectic and profound musical performances from a wide range of traditions and cultures, Eurovision Choir will take viewers on a colourful journey across Europe in search of the continent’s pre-eminent amateur vocal group.

On stage are also the well-known Swedish orchestra Bohuslän Big Band together with a fantastic choir of about 350 singers from around the region.

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Closing consert with Gothenburg Symphony, mass choir and Solala

August 10. Experience the powerful closing concert where up to 500 international singers give their best, together with the Gothenburg Symphony.

The musical theme is a common thread through the evening and you also get to experience the ceremonial delegation to the next country that will host the European Choir Games. You also get to experience the praised á cappella trio Solala and the fantastic musical artist Annika Herlitz.

The Festival Stage Choir consists of about 500 singers from the choirs that have been competing in the European Choir Games and Grand Prix of Nations in Gothenburg during the week.

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Parade of Nations

August 7. It is of tradition that all choirs and countries partaking in the festival joins a parade trough the city. The parade starts at Vasaplatsen and continues to Kungstorget where the outdoor concert “Gothenburg welcomes the world” takes place.

Sweden A Cappella

August 5. During this concert you will listen to traditional choral singing in Swedish national romantic style that describes nature’s flavors and greenery, newly written choral music mixed with rhythms from marimba and folk music in arrangements for choir singing. Welcome to an evening where feelings and expressions are united with unique driving tone from three different choirs!

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Gothenburg Welcomes

August 7. After the Parade of Nations, the outdoor concert “Gothenburg welcomes the world” takes place at Kungstorget. On stage is Sångensemblen Amanda with Gunnar Eriksson, Brunnsbo Musikklassers Flickkör, Rhythm Art Duo and several guesting international choirs.


Open Competition – In the spirit of “Participation is the highest honor”, choirs from all over the world, regardless of their present level of achievement, have the opportunity to participate in the Open Competition to gather valuable experience in international competition.

European Champions Competition – This competition level is open to European choirs with international competitive experience and/or comparable credentials. Participation is by decision of the Artistic Committee.

Grand Prix of Nations Gothenburg 2019 – The Grand Prix of Nations is open to choirs from all over the world that have corresponding international competitive experience and that have proven their abilities in international choral competitions. Participation is by decision of the Artistic Committee.

Read more about the competitions on europeanchoirgames.com.

Full competition programme from Interkultur (multimedia pdf)


Along with European Choir Games, Gothenburg Culture Festival takes over the city during Aug 6-11.

Make sure to be a part of one of Scandinavia’s biggest culture festivals with over 1 million visits every year! Discover a program that consists of over 1 000 things to do, see and listen to. From opera, art, music, carnival, theatre, literature and films – there is something for everyone to enjoy!

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Did you know…

…that choral singing is one of Sweden’s and Europe’s biggest popular movements and is building brigdes between people, cultures, religions, languages and geographical locations? Almost 100 000 West swedes are a part of choral singing!